In this fast running life, technology has always been there to help us in our everyday situations. In fact, technology has given us the power to support our rapidly growing needs in order to survive.

One such technological invention is laptop often called note book because of its size and mobility. Do you know personal computers became reality in 1970? After that techno minds thought of making it more personal, which you can keep with you anytime, anywhere you want. This thought gave us a marvellous technological invention named laptop/notebook. Alan kay, the man behind the invention of a personal, portable information manipulator had never thought that his idea will revolutionize the common man.

Technology actually is a drug; we are so addicted to it that without it we cannot walk a single step. Just think of how you could get food to stay fresh without a fridge. Ask yourself, can you live without smart phone, laptops?

The answer would be no. These things have made our life so easy that we cannot even imagine losing them, even for a second.

Laptop often called notebook is a portable device which make professionals, students or common users so confident and comfortable that they cannot even imagine losing it for a moment. Be it about work, entertainment, or connecting with people via email, chat, social sites, everyone prefers to use laptop. But just like a coin, technology also has two faces , one its availability which makes our life easy and on the other side its problems like blue screen , corrupt browser, internet connectivity problems, software issues, issues regarding keypad, mouse, etc. Are these problems making your life stressful and distressful?

You don’t need to worry, we are there for you. Orion Global works 24*7 to hunt down your problems so that you can enjoy this great invention. Our Orion hunters will assist you in any kind of laptop related issues. You can call us anytime on our toll free number 1800 697 0620 and relax while we hunt down your troubles.

We assist in following:

  • Issues related to new internet connection, existing internet problems and internet speed
  • Installation and up gradation of antivirus software to increase your laptop security
  • Software troubleshooting
  • Support for any kind of printers
  • Networking issues
  • Consultation regarding any software issue.
  • Reinstalling, restoring and fixing issues related to operating system (OS)
  • Diagnosing laptop/notebook condition to fix problems
  • Scanning and eliminating viruses, spyware and malware
  • Reinstalling, updating and upgrading of applications
  • Maintenance and optimization of laptop/notebook for smooth running
  • Wireless network set up
  • Data recovery and data backup

Pricing List

$ 0


diagnostic services

  • Technician will
    take remote access to perform the diagnostic.
  • Check for problem
    areas using advanced tools.
  • Guiding the customer
    for computer maintenance.

$ 55

tablet and

phone support-one time fix

  • Application support.
  • Synchronization with
    Laptop, Desktop, Printer and other devices.
  • Data Security.
  • Performance Issues.
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